About Us

According of the CEO

Our Philosophy – We feel marketing is all about the hidden psychology to get people to feel something about a particular product or service. And even with still being a data driven company, positive results keep pouring in and our clients are loving it. We take pride in every client who comes in and strive to show you the rising outcomes in each campaign we formulate. We don’t keep clients for the short term. We’re in it for the long run. Together we can brain storm your ideas or business agendas and make them reality. This isn’t about spending a marketing budget, this is about taking an idea and becoming the INFLUENXE.

Our Goals

Our goals are directly related to your results
  • Make your website be more efficient.

  • Explore an intense market research and create and improve your marketing potential (products or services)

  • Provide you with access to unique technologies,tools as well as the knowledge and experience to continue to build your successful business online.

  • Show you a clear, measurable results and regular work on the development of your company using data driven behaviors catered to your market.

Our Story


Majority of our services were placed on creating new influences on the concert, and special event promotions. Establishing relationships with national tour companies and local venue, our data driven proved results on in. Found a system to account for the results of website promotion through various channels : search engine optimization, social marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing. Now reports is completely clear and measurable!


With new recognition and new partnerships, migrated the company name to Influenxe Media  and began to expanding department in musician branding.

September 9th, 2012

Achieved selling up 1,000,000 tickets to hired events based from our talent strategy.


Began working with small business and corporate accounts in taking Influenxe Media into new heights.